Fall Foliage Report for Lost Maples

Fall Foliage Report at Lost Maples State Natural Area

taken 11/3
taken 11/3

If the weather forecast holds then the weekend of 11/15 will be a great weekend to check out the maples. Get there really early or late in the afternoon to avoid the biggest crowds.

2 thoughts on “Fall Foliage Report for Lost Maples

    1. I drove by the area last week but not through the park. I saw some maples changing colors around the area. Per the park staff the trees in the park are about a week away from peak foliage. Remember to check the weather. If a strong front with high winds is coming through there is a chance all of the colorful leaves are going to be on the ground. That happened to me a couple of years back. Peak foliage but storm night before my visit resulted in bare trees and colorful ground.

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