Black Spur Emporium and Coffee Shop

As is tradition on our trips we found yet another hole in the wall coffee shop. This gem was on our way to LBJ State Park.

Black Spur was a combo of funky decorations and good service. Just don’t mention the “S word” while there. (starbucks)

Black Spur is found on Main St in Johnson City about a block West of the city park. I’ve had the iced tea there 3 times now. It’s been good each time. My friends have had the espresso and coffee and can vouch for that as well.

West, TX Benefit Today!

Don’t forget to come out to the benefit at LA BBQ from 11-2 today.


1. Honest Tea is donating bottled teas and lemonades.
2. Teas of Texas is donating bottled teas and waters.
3. A local wine importer is donating cases of malbec & chardonnay.
4. Saint Arnold Brewing Company is donating beer & root beer.
5. Gloria Corral will be at the event selling copies of her book “BBQ Lovers Guide to Austin.” She will donate 100% of the proceeds!
6. Austin Eats Food Tours is donating 10 passes for a free food tour. (Their tours generally range from $65-75 per tour.) We will have a table set up to raffle off the passes. All of the proceeds will be donated!
7. We will sell The Q Card at the event, & 100% of our sales will be donated!
8. Stephen Joseph, owner of Joseph’s Riverport Barbecue (Jefferson, TX), is donating 100 koozies & a case a rib rub for the event!
9. Junior’s Beer and Wine is donating 3 kegs of beer!
10. Shannon Lee Nelson will be the live-music entertainment!

Perk’s Coffee – Lampasas, TX

Another stop on my recent Texas State Parks day trip was to a nice little coffee shop in Lampasas, TX called Perk’s. We were greeted by the smell of good coffee and tea brewing and a smiling owner named Monty. We’ve had good luck finding great coffee spots on our trips and I’d have to say we struck gold once again.

Perk's Coffee in Lampasas, TX
Perk’s Coffee in Lampasas, TX

Along with a great iced tea, Italian soda, cafe americana, and an assortment of tea bags to choose from Monty also has a selection of pastries to choose from for a much needed sugar boost after the trip to Gorman Falls. It turns out Monty is a pastry chef by trade and just has the coffee shop on the side. His cake shelves were all empty though he proclaimed that they were all full this morning when he opened at 10:00 am. All the cakes on display were custom orders which were picked up promptly at the opening of the store.

He did have some unique cupcakes available for us to try out. They were made with four different chocolates and had a chocolate chip cookie baked into the center. Try one…or two if you happen to stop in. I promise you won’t regret it.