Longhorn Cavern State Park

I visited one of the more unique state parks recently. Dug out in part by the CCC about 100 years ago this park offers a very cool (always cool air in the cave) walk through geologic time and in this case more recent history with stories of a “bar” during prohibition and Texas Rangers rescuing a young girl from her kidnappers in a daring nighttime mission. If you haven’t stopped by for the tour I highly recommend. Also, there’s an observation tower in the back of the parking area that offers spectacular views of the hill country and makes for a great finish to your day if you happen to catch the hill country sunset after the last tour.

Did I mention a dog guarding the Queen’s throne? Here’s a sneak preview.

*i don’t post pictures of caves because it just doesn’t do it justice, the flash affects the bats and others on the tour, and I hope this lack of pictures encourages you to make your own visit.

Longhorn Cavern State Park

This weekend I visited another central Texas state park. After a quick brunch with some cousins at Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls I made the short drive to Longhorn Cavern State Park. I’ve made one short trip to this park previously back in March (more posts to come soon on this 5-parks-in-one-day trip). We didn’t have enough time to go on the cave tour on that visit. This time I did and I’m glad I made the return trip.

The cave is quite the hidden jewel with, as the tour guide said, “just as wonderful of a human history as its natural history.”

The entrance to the cave along with a good portion of the cave was constructed and cleared out by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Both the entrance and the cave look much the same today as they did in the 1930s. Working at $1/day for 8 years the CCC cleared out the soft debris in the cave and the result was a beautiful cavern that people still enjoy today.

The tour is $14 for adults. They do offer several different tours including the “Wild Tour” where customers get down and dirty with the bowels of the cave. Call ahead for the Wild Tour.

cave entrance
Entrance to cave
large cave
one of the bigger rooms in the cave
cave formation called the queen's throne
queen’s throne
dog shaped formation in cave
dog shaped formation in cave

rest of the photos can be found in this album