Fanthorp Inn

After Washington on the Brazos, we went 17 miles to the east to Anderson, TX to see Fanthorp Inn SHS.


This old inn is worth the drive as are the stories told by its volunteer innkeeper. The inn is only open on Saturday. There is no funding for the inn itself. The volunteer gives tours and sees to the upkeep. The electricity is paid for by Washington on the Brazos. I think after you hear the stories from the volunteer you’ll want to visit the donation box at the entrance. Entry to the inn is free, but a suggested donation of a few dollars each is asked.




There were some great old firearms in the inn. All of which are original.


You’ll want to take a peek into the cellar at the end of the dining room. There’s a surprise at the bottom of the stairs.


Part of the tour is a visit to the old stagecoach out in the yard. Believe it or not that was a 17-seater. 9 on the inside. The stagecoach started as a mail carrier on the La Bahia. Mr. Fanthorp built his house on the La Bahia and then added on when he saw how much traffic there was on the road. As you’ll see from the size of the place he was quite successful.