Doeskin Ranch – Creek Trail

map of park

The creek trail starts at the informationschool at Doeskin kiosk near the restrooms* and follows the old homestead (no longer there), school (mid to late 1800’s structure), and then continues along the creek until it meets back up with the main trail (rimrock trail).

The old school building provides a small picture of what living on the ranch must have been like.

Even though the creek trail is only a half mile from the ponds and prairies trail the landscape is completely different. You’ll also see lots of grasshoppers along this trail. Watch for snakes (depending on time of year) and keep an eye out for the many birds and butterflies. The creek will have water in it if there has been a recent rain. Otherwise you can explore the old creek bed.

The old trees on this trail also provide plenty of photo opportunities. This was one of my favorite from today.

old tree at ranch

Summertime at Doeskin Ranch

I haven’t been out to one of my favorite hiking spots in Central Texas in quite some time. I headed out to Doeskin Ranch today to check out the end of a hot June at Doeskin Ranch.

map of refuge

This is a great protected park with plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. For the grasshopper lovers out there Doeskin must be paradise. You easily lose count of the different grasshoppers and crickets you come across on just a short hike at this park.

Take the ponds and prairies trail (near the restrooms*) for a 0.4 mile walk among the flat, open area of the park. The grass has really grown up in this area and the grasshoppers are plentiful. Because of the abundance of grasshoppers, there’s also many grasshopper sparrows out at the park. These birds have wonderful coloration and fly around at chest height providing good opportunity to see them up close as they fly by hopper hunting.

*restrooms are compost restrooms and provide minimal facilities

New cover photo and a Slideshow

Things I’ve learned/added in the past week:


I added some categories for my posts. I’m still trying to figure out how to use categories as pages like my friend’s blog. Hopefully she can show me next week.


I added a slideshow to my recent post on Homer Bailey’s No-hitter. That could be a useful feature for my next post about a hike.

New cover photo:

I took this picture on my recent hike at Doeskin. It was much better quality than the other picture I was using.