Buescher State Park

Last Sunday, 5/5/13, I went out to Buescher State Park to try out the 7 mile loop trail.

Close to the parking area were these two:

It was a treat to see these two Greater Roadrunners out enjoying the weather.

Before heading to the trail, I checked out the lake.

There is a parking lot directly across from the trail head. There’s also a restroom close by.

This pipeline was covered in firewheels. Quite the surprise coming out of the forest.

Oh and when you get back to the parking area take a look at the old live oaks across from the parking.

One more thing. It is snake season. I encountered one on this trail and the rangers were sure to warn everyone at the store that they are out and about in the park because of the warmer weather. If you don’t carry a snakebite kit with you on your hikes, do yourself a favor and head to the nearest sporting goods store and pick one up. It’s one of those things you don’t want your family wishing you had with you. By then it’s too late.

One thought on “Buescher State Park

  1. Good point about the snake kit. We live in the country and have encountered 5 varieties on our land (coral, timber rattler, corn, rat, and copperhead), but had not considered a kit for the trails. I’m really enjoying your posts.

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