Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Continuing on our quest to visit all the Texas State Parks we decided to hit up Enchanted Rock State Natural Area back on March 23rd. The 21st was my birthday and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend that Saturday than another great day visiting state parks. I want to take a moment to thank the Texas State Trooper who gave me a warning instead of a ticket. “Happy Birthday and slow down. I think you’ll make it before the park closes from too much traffic.”

For those that haven’t made it out to Enchanted Rock it is important to note that during peak visiting season the park can be so popular that they run out of parking and close the park. It can be rough to make a 2+ hour drive only to find the park is close. Luckily there are other attractions close by if this happens to you. LBJ, Pedernales, Inks Lake, Longhorn Cavern, and several others are close by and won’t be closed for lack of parking.

So we headed out highway 71 and zoomed straight to the park. It was cloudy that day and that probably helped with traffic/parking. We were able to park and get to the trail fairly quickly.

Enchanted Rock formationsEnchanted Rockenchanted rock from the summit

rest of the pics

We walked for a little while after coming down for the summit. The echo canyon trail is fun, but is very popular and can be crowded, and loud…really loud, during peak times.

echo canyon trailhead

This is a great family park and one that I’m sure I’ll revisit many, many times in my lifetime. Do yourself a favor and move this park to the top of your list. It’s worth any drive.

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